Welcome to the Amethyst Hammerfist Mixed Wrestling and Domination clip store, I’ve named it SEDUCE/DESTROY because that’s what I do; wrestling is my foreplay, and here, I invite you on a feisty and sweaty journey into mixed wrestling paradise where NOTHING is choreographed and the wrestling chemistry is EXPLOSIVE! I bring to you real, raw, rage, passion and craziness in 2D form, produced and created exclusively by me, Amethyst Hammerfist, the thrill-seeking, violently happy, pussy kickin’, sucker punchin’, brutally erotic fiasco you all know and love.

My films include all kinds of mixed and female vs female fighting and domination, from regular mixed wrestling matches to scissor circles, catfights to smothering, sploshing to rope bondage wrestling, bullying and beatdowns, grass and mud wrestling, and the more sexy and hardcore variety of wrestling film. Not all my films star myself, I invite all my favourite female wrestlers to star in my films too.

Sit back, enjoy the ride…
It’s gonna get brutal.