Wrestling Workshops

I have a few mixed wrestling workshops lined up this year, my first is taking place at Flamefest in the UK. Read more here:

Festival | UK | Flamefest18

I have offered mixed wrestling entertainment and mixed wrestling workshops at various charity, fetish, alternative and queer events and festivals, such as the Sex Maniacs Ball, Burning Man, Nowhere festival and Flamefest.

My mixed wrestling workshops are a huge hit at festivals where attendees have left invigorated and hyped, some, with a new found passion for grappling.



In the workshop, I explain what mixed wrestling is, I talk about the mixed wrestling community, the job of session wrestlers and its history. Attendees learn about wrestling as a hobby and fetish, get to try something new, and discover more about themselves and their partners. I go through the emotional, mental and physical aspects of mixed wrestling; touching upon domination and submission, intimate power exchanges, sensuality, pain and pleasure.

Safety, respect and consent are discussed in-depth and understood, then, I go on to the physical aspects, safely and slowly showing wrestling moves. I select willing volunteers to grapple with me, I then like to hear from my volunteers and my crowd; mixed wrestling is all about communication so my workshops are just as much talking as wrestling.

Towards the end of the workshop I have several carefully selected pairs of strangers (who have grappled with me first) to grapple as intensely or as calmly as they like, in turns, with myself monitoring closely.



An intense and sweaty, high-octane grapple can be as emotional as it is physical. It can be intimate as well as erotic, or it can be physical and aggressive and act as a release, in a safe place. It can be playful, feisty, primal and exciting; it can push boundaries and build confidence and strength, mentally and emotionally. Mixed wrestling can allow you to experience different roles, to experiment with submissiveness and dominance.

Mixed wrestling is all about feeling, it is not about competitiveness or violence. Whilst most men who see session wrestlers ask for competitive and semi-competitive matches and like to experience the pain of some wrestling holds, I do not allow this in my workshops. Mixed wrestling sessions are different to my mixed wrestling workshop.

  • Although many moves are taken from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other martial arts, you do not need to know any MMA
  • It is important any participants are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Consent and respect are vital and always agreed upon
  • Not all pairs have to be mixed genders; all genders can wrestle with all genders
  • Any age and any size can wrestle, however, nobody should wrestle if they have an injury or health issues
  • Appropriate attire is needed for participants, tight shorts and vest/sports tops
  • Anybody can watch and share their opinions
  • All grappling volunteers wrestle with me first and go through some basic rules and movements

If you are interested in a mixed wrestling workshop at your event, please email me to discuss fees and logistics (transportation of mats). The workshop requires a sheltered and matted area of suitable size. Workshops can be tailored to suit your event.